I have to admit, New Year's is my least favorite holiday. From New Year's Eve – which is the WORST for a guy like me with an early bedtime – to New Year's Day, when people wish each other "Happy New Year" for weeks, and sometimes months, on end.

I'm not a New Year's guy. I'm the kind of guy that stops wishing people "Happy New Year" on January 7. Maybe January 10. But don't even wish me a "Happy New Year" in February. That is outside of my comfort zone. If you're still reaching into your social bag and pulling out "Happy New Year" in February, you need to up your game.

That's why I'm having such a tough time with this particular billboard on 195 in New Bedford. It popped up right around the week of New Year's. "OK," I thought. "Interesting marketing choice."  The billboard wishes the New Bedford community a Happy 2020.

On the surface, it's a pretty safe message. Let's face it, in the year 2020, you need to be aware of aligning your brand with holidays, but you're not likely to offend many with a benign "Happy New Year" message. Not unless it's still up in MARCH!

Truthfully, I don't blame the dealership. My guess is that the car dealership bought the billboard for the month of January. Months later, the billboard company probably has yet to sell it to a new sponsor. So there it sits, wishing everyone a Happy 2020 with fireworks blasting in the background.

If the billboard stays up much longer, they might be able to recycle it by simply changing the "2020" to "Fourth of July." The fireworks are already there, ready to go!

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