It's hard to believe, but my house was once powered the "old fashioned way." Month after month, Eversource would send me power bills that would take me out at the knees. I remember bracing myself every time I'd open up the electric bill, especially in the summertime when our pool and air conditioning would drive the cost sky-high.

My bills were high enough that when I first heard about what solar panels could do, I was open to listening. But I still wasn't quite ready to jump in. I kept waiting for a friend or neighbor to be the first to go solar, but after a couple of years, I finally decided to sit down and talk with a few solar companies.

We settled on going with Isaksen Solar for a number of reasons. The solar panels were installed just over a year ago, the tax credits and checks started arriving, and we haven't looked back since.

Now, Isaksen Solar is announcing that they will be giving one SouthCoast family the opportunity of a lifetime. One family will be getting free solar panels for their home, installed by Isaksen Solar, that will power their home for the next 30 years.

Can you imagine never having to pay an Eversource or National Grid bill again? One thing is for sure, those power bills won't be going down much over the next 25-30 years, but you won't care, because you'll have free solar panels on your home if you win this amazing contest with Isaksen Solar.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Take my word that this is real. Isaksen Solar will be giving away these solar panels, which are worth up to $30,000. If you are a homeowner here on the SouthCoast, and you are sick of paying your electric bill, you need to find out more about this contest by clicking the blue button below. Best of luck!

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