We get it Isaiah, you weren't happy you were traded. Now get over it.

There's no one who loved seeing Isaiah Thomas cut up defenses in green more than me. He was absolutely one of the most exciting athletes I've watched in Boston in a while. His 2 1/2 year tenure was truly special and it was shocking to hear that he was traded over the summer. All Celtics fans had a weird mixed bag of emotions, but as we head into his Boston return those feelings are starting to sour. I can't handle all the whining from IT. It's time to move on buddy.

I realize he was the spark plug, the ambassador, the leader and the king of the fourth. I realize he was a big reason we got Al Horford and Gordon Hayward to sign here in Boston, but he's also not a Celtic legend. He's a player people will always remember, but know your place man. He's not Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Tommy Heinsohn or Paul Pierce. His No. 4 will not be hanging in the rafters, so I'm going to need him to stop thinking it will be.

Isaiah said he doesn't want his tribute video tonight. He wants it during the Feb. 11 game. There's one big problem with that... That's Paul Pierce's night. Yea, the guy who put in 15 years as a Celtic. A future Hall-of-Famer with a ring and Finals MVP award in his trophy case...


Isaiah should also note that Paul Pierce was traded too, so if he can be traded so can you. Also, I realize it's a star driven league, but IT doesn't get to decide when they give him a video and it's DEFINITELY not coming on Paul Pierce night.

It's just petty and small at this point. He blames the training staff for his injury and says he wouldn't have played if he knew how bad it was (despite getting a second opinion). He's been dragging Danny Ainge through the mud since he left. It's a business. He says the media just keeps asking. Well, stop answering. Marshawn Lynch figured that out.


The Boston fans loved everything Isaiah did and they'll give him the standing ovation he deserves. Beyond all that, Isaiah is just another player on another team now. For Isaiah, now the Celtics should just be an old team he played for.

Both the Celtics and Isaiah ended their time together in a better place than where they started. Just be happy with that man and take the whining somewhere else.

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