Is Yogurt City on State Road in Dartmouth CLOSED?!

Katie Rysz Byrne posted this photo on the Yogurt City Dartmouth's Facebook page. The yellow tape made us really nervous.

Katie Rysz Byrne
Katie Rysz Byrne

The manager of another business in the same plaza told us they closed their doors two weeks ago. We did some digging to find out if this was true.

We looked at the corporate Facebook page, which has not had a new post since February of 2013.

We tried clicking on their Twitter link on the website, but it just redirects back to their homepage.

We found the main line number, but when we called, we heard a message saying that the line was no longer accepting phone calls. In fact, we tried every other Yogurt City in Massachusetts, even some in Connecticut, and nobody answered the phone. Some had voicemail, but some just kept ringing for eternity or were disconnected entirely.

We sent them a message on Facebook Thursday morning, but have not heard back from them yet.

Nothing about this sounds good.

Listen, my girlfriends and I LOVE this place. It's literally our go-to every single time we have a girls' night. We grab dinner somewhere in Dartmouth and then stop by Yogurt City for a sweet frozen treat that makes us feel better about skipping dessert at the restaurant that we just left. Sure, it's all in our head's that we are being "healthier," but their low-fat cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbs and strawberries is so good that I do not care.

So please just let this be a major misunderstanding and let me eat my fake strawberry cheesecake in peace.

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