Walmart just announced that it will be offering a new two-hour delivery service to directly compete with Amazon.

Before I tell you how I feel about it, first let me tell you the details. It's almost a carbon copy of the Amazon model. You can pay a monthly fee and get flat rate shipping every time you purchase something from The service isn't available just yet, but Walmart did just announce the service and will be expanding it quickly.

The cost will be $12.95 a month, or $98 annually, and there will be a minimum purchase requirement for the two-hour delivery. Walmart says it will have over 100,000 different products available for this delivery.

What do I think about this new service? Too little, too late! I have been an Amazon Prime member for years now. It's now a habit. My gut is saying that Walmart may have been forced to adapt to our current pandemic and realized a loss in revenue due to more and more people practicing social distancing and not wanting to go to busy stores.

I also equate it to being an iPhone user and then all of a sudden trying to make the switch. It's not an easy adjustment. Will I try it to see if it competes with Amazon? Absolutely, when it finally gets to the SouthCoast, but I have a feeling it's going to be at least a few weeks. You can trust I'll give my honest opinion then.

What do you think? When the two-hour Walmart delivery service makes its way to the SouthCoast, will you try it?

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