Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, is putting his money where his mouth is by helping small businesses across the country stay afloat during the pandemic. A social media interaction between a local bakery and the CEO of Barstool, Erika Nardini, has me thinking that the Barstool Fund may be coming to our area soon.

El Presidente, real name Dave Portnoy, has become notorious for his epic rants on Instagram. He’s not afraid to tell his 3.1 million followers how he really feels, and just a few weeks ago, he roasted the U.S. government for not coming to the aid of small businesses during this tough time. Portnoy was fuming that there has been no financial plan set forth for these businesses, but Portnoy doesn’t just talk the talk – he walks it, too.

“We’re going to donate half a million dollars and we’ve come up with a plan…the Barstool Fund...What can we do to make sure you stay in business until this pandemic is over?” he asked on his social platforms.

Guilty Bakery in Plymouth saw the post and hopped on board to support the cause.

“We REALLY want to help,” they wrote on Instagram, “and that’s hard for a small business during a pandemic so we will do what we do best, and bake.” Guilty Bakery will be making Barstool-inspired cookies for $5 and 100 percent of the proceeds will be going to the Barstool Fund.

As I read through the comments, a certain someone with a blue checkmark next to their name caught my eye. CEO and co-founder of Barstool, Erika Nardini, commented on the post saying, “I LOVE THIS!” She took it one step further and reposted Guilty Bakery’s photo to her own page with the caption, “Coming soon.”

Does this mean that Guilty Bakery is next in line to receive a lifeline from the pop culture Mecca that is Barstool? All the signs seem to point towards Guilty.

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