The South County Hot Air Balloon Festival is all weekend long, but is it worth the trip?

This annual event is in it's 40th year, so clearly they are doing something right. And yet every year I've been, I leave disappointed.

First off, did you know the weather has to be practically perfect for any hot air balloons to go in the air? And even then, they only fly them super early in the morning or really late at night?

I've been to this festival three different times in recent years and have never seen a hot air balloon in the sky. Seriously, the weather just never works out.

And with thunderstorms predicted for Saturday into Sunday I would imagine the balloons are packing it in early this year as well.

And then there's the carnival area. Which as a parent of a younger child, I was also disappointed with.

There aren't too many rides for kids and the ones they do have are only for adults on with them. Unfortunately with my not-so-brave daughter, this meant only riding the carousel last year (again and again).

The food is also pretty limited since the event is also some sort of BBQ cook-off too. So hope you like barbecue.

In general I've just found there's not enough going on to make it worth the trip. Especially when the weather doesn't permit the balloons to go up.

Obviously safety first, but it can make for a very boring event if you ask me.

So have you been to this family favorite? Do you enjoy the event year after year or do you find it to be lacking as well?

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