The Farmers' Almanac recently released their predictions for the coming year and it's starting to sound a little cut and paste if you ask me.

I honestly have no idea how the Farmers' Almanac folks get their information, but I'm pretty sure I too could predict a "cold and snowy winter" in New England.

I mean seriously? It's always cold and snowy. It's New England!

And it's not like the weather predictors for the 200-year-old publication are batting 1,000 right now.

If you remember last winter, the Farmers' Almanac said we would see "heavy snowfall" in the Northeast. They specifically called for snow February 4-6 and 16-19. And if you look back, most of those days were actually sunny with highs in the 50's.

Way off!

I think the accuracy of the Farmers' Almanac may be in serious question at this point, but I also think calling for a "cold and snowy winter" around here is playing it super safe.

I mean it's New England. We're all expecting to bundle up and do some shoveling at some point in the winter months.

How much of that we'll have to do, I'm not really sure the Farmers' Almanac can say.

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