John Henry's got his back.  He's picked his man...and he's sticking with him.  Like it or not, Bobby V is your Red Sox manager.  For richer or poorer, through good times and bad...through pulled hammy's and in health. 

Henry made no bones about it.  Valentine's their guy until further notice...or more likely...for the rest of this season.  Henry blames the team's sub .500 performance (so far) on the laundry list of injuries that have haunted them like the IRS haunts Curt Schilling.  It's a fair argument.  After all, the 2012 Red Sox hold the all time record for the most different players placed on the disabled list.  It was 23 this morning.  It has grown to 24 now that reliver Vincente Padilla was placed on the DL today.  That's almost a full 25 man roster!


Others, both outside the team...and, more importantly, inside the Red Sox clubhouse, disagree.  They think Bobby Valentine isn't a good match for the Sox.  And we know at least one player has snuck up the back stairs to complain to ownership.  Beckett?  Naw.  He doesn't care enough.  He's already told us that baseball isn't the most important thing in his life.  Big Papi?  Possibly.  But I'd put my money on Pedroia.  He's got the most at stake.  He's not going anywhere anytime soon...and he's made it clear how he feels about Bobby Valentine.

So it begs the question.  Is ownership making a mistake by keeping Valentine around?  Should he be fired?  If not...who's to blame for this lost season?  The players?  The front office?  The medical staff?  Who?