Now that training camps are going to start gearing up, it seems pretty obvious that the Super Bowl champs are not making the typical trip to the White House. But is that a big deal?

Honestly, I think they did try to work out some dates throughout the spring, so it seems like a simple scheduling matter. Still, I'm sure there are plenty of players who would have opted not to go even if they were able to make it work.

So is the non-trip a big deal?

Ever since President Trump took office, athletes have been skipping White House visits with their respective teams. But has an entire team skipped a visit?

Of course, the Patriots have not made a big deal about this. It doesn't seem like it has anything at all to do with politics, but at the end of the day, the fact still remains that no visit is going down.

So will people be making more out of this?

Personally, I don't get why championship-winning sports teams go anyway. I mean, Olympic athletes and players on teams representing the entire country (like the recent World Cup winning Women's Soccer Team) I get.

But baseball, hockey, football, etc. are just teams that play within the country. Should a White House visit really be part of a championship season?

Not like I have any say in anything that any sports team does. I'm just saying.

Is not visiting the White House that big of a deal?

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