There are plenty of places for people to bring their dogs out in public, but the same does not bode for cat lovers. That could be changing in Massachusetts, if one local woman has her way. 

Cat cafes are not as odd as you might think. Japan was the first country to introduce them back in the late 90's, since cats are the most popular house pets. Austria, Germany, France and more have cat cafes, so is it time that the USA jumped on this bandwagon?

According to WBZ, one local woman is attempting to open up the very first cat cafe in America, and it will be located in Boston. From a Facebook page also created, we believe the cafe would be called Miaou (meow) Boston.

The woman writes in her blog that she is not allowed to have animals die to her current living situation. So she would like to open up a place where people, and their cats, can come to enjoy the company of others.