Like many on the Southcoast, I grew up Portuguese. Strike that. I grew up Luso-American. The difference you maybe wondering, is between growing up with knowledge and hints of the culture verses growing up totally ingrained as if you'd been raised in the old country. I am a Luso-American, first generation with pride for both of my cultures.

I stumbled across this video yesterday on Facebook that I just had to share. Knowing that 50% of the Southcoast is made up of Portuguese people, I figured at least half of the audience will laugh. The other half just won't get it. The Portuguese Kids are a comedy group and have done some pretty funny stuff we've even played on the air.

If you've never been to a tailor because your mother or Tia hems your clothes, if buying papo secs in a plastic bag at the grocery store is an insult to your dinner table because bread needs to be fresh, if you asked your vavó for abença, then grab a fresh pair of cuecas because you are going to laugh.

For more of their funny videos like Real Housewives of Ponta Delgada, check them out!