It'll be the brightest object in the night sky and the weather looks perfect for checking it out.

The International Space Station is constantly on the move in space traveling around the Earth over 15 times per day.

With all those times around the globe you'd think we'd see it all the time. But not exactly.

The ISS travels at different times and different heights and different angles to the Earth.

Sometimes it's heading by us during the day and that means it's impossible to see. And sometimes it's at the wrong height to get a good look. Or travels by so fast you'd barely have a chance to find it.

But tonight, September 20, will be a great night on the East Coast for spotting the International Space Station in orbit.

According to the NASA ISS tracker page, the space station will be about 83 degrees above the SouthCoast horizon for five minutes at exactly 8 p.m. That is almost exactly overhead just after dark.

Perfect timing on what is to be a super clear night to see the space station go by.

But how will you know if you see it?

Well the International Space Station will be the brightest thing in tonight's sky.

It will likely appear to be a plane at first, but unlike a plane the ISS doesn't have flashing lights.

So when you see a steadily bright object tracking across the night sky, that is the space station.

It will only be visible for a few minutes, so make sure you are outside before 8 p.m. and comfortably looking up so you don't miss a moment.

And if you do miss it, check out future sighting opportunities here.

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