Every relationship is unique, but admit it... you've come across at least half of these problems

Most relationships have the same milestones: the first kiss, the first time you meet your significant other's parents, the first argument, the first time you pass gas in front of each other. Although all relationships are different, there are some similar milestones throughout. Admit it though, dating on the Southcoast involves at least half of these situations:



1) After your first interaction, trying to remember if their last name was Sousa/Souza/DaSousa/DaSouza when you get home to Facebook stalk them.


2) When your first date at the Feast ends with both of you fighting the spins after too much Madeira wine.

3) You offer to pay for dinner and your date orders the seafood platter at "market price"

4) When you get into your inevitable first car argument... juuust as the New Bedford-Fairhaven bridge closes and you have to sit there

5) Trying to go out for a late night drink but knowing all of your exes will be at Buster's

6) Attempting to go on an ice cream date but spending the whole night arguing over if you're going to Acushnet Creamery or Country Whip.


7) When it takes them more than six tries to get your Dunkin order correct. (It's a medium ICED no sugar, babe)