Wonder what Selena Gomez thinks about this!

Justin Bieber, who's recently come under fire for his less-than-stellar behavior, pulled his tour bus in front of an Indianapolis, Ind. nightclub for what we're sure was good, clean fun ... right?

E! Online reports that Biebs' tour bus pulled up in front of the Vogue club in Indy's trendy Broad Ripple district around 1 AM. A bus full of his crew rolled up behind him about an hour later.

Bieber never left the bus -- which is a smart move, considering a Chicago nightclub is facing some citations over him going inside and allegedly being served booze (he's only 19, not 21; the club denied his being served alcohol).

Instead, the singer's security crew were seen going back and forth between the club, where they would talk to girls, and the tour bus. Eventually his detail entered the bus with three ladies, two blondes and a brunette, before closing the bus blinds.

While it seems that they made every effort to be discreet, it didn't work too well: Once the club DJ heard that Bieber was outside, he announced it to everyone in the joint, sending about 100 people outside to swarm the vehicle. However, no one got too close -- and definitely no one, save the invited trio of gals, made it inside.

Something tells us that Sel won't be too thrilled with this -- especially not after she issued him an ultimatum!

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