Summertime means lots of vacation time being used up. This summer, as we all know, is a bit different and many aren't using their vacation days just yet.

Those that were lucky enough to keep their jobs through the COVID-19 pandemic are now facing some burnout. I'm not going to lie, I'm one of them. As soon as the pandemic hit, I was attached to a laptop. Regardless of working from my couch, I felt like I was working more than ever. If you kept your job you probably felt horrible taking any time off.

Summer is here and lots of places are opening up, but many – including myself – are hesitant to do any leisure travel. I'm hoarding my vacation days until I feel safer.

I doubt I'm alone on this. While the Michael and Maddie show took this week off, I'm still trying to figure out when I should take a little time off myself, hanging onto those vacation days like they're gold. Which, I'm sure, is probably not the best idea, as we all need a little mental escape now and then, especially with all that we've dealt with in recent months.

Most employers have the "use it or lose it" rule. What to do with our time off, though? Is it a real vacation if you spend it at home, where we have already been stuck way too much as it is? Should I just rent an RV and take a road trip just to get out? it seems like a lot of work just to escape work.

What about you, are you hoarding your time off to use later this year when it will hopefully be safer to travel?

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