Chance is a sweet and funny boy. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is very bright, talkative and outgoing. He loves to read but also enjoys playing outside where he can run around and be active. In the summer he loves to go to water parks or just swim in a backyard pool, but he is also happy just playing and running in his backyard or being inside playing video games. 

Chance is in 6th grade, and his teachers say he is inquisitive. His favorite subject is math.  He is a leader and does best with clear directives, structure and routine in his daily life, which also applies to his school setting. While he's not a fan of wearing them, he dons prescription glasses to treat a slight lazy eye.

Chance lives in a foster home setting where he has been for more than four years.  He has made great progress in this home setting. 

Ideally, Chance would like a two-parent home, pet-free, with at least one mom and where he would be the only child or much younger child by at least a few years.  He'll need guidance, love and firm boundaries.  There is an open adoption agreement set by the court stating that Chance's birth mom, who lives out of state, should receive letters and photos periodically throughout the years if it's in Chance's best interest. 

Who Can Adopt

If you’re at least 18, have a stable source of income and have room in your heart, you may be a perfect match to adopt a waiting child. Adoptive parents can be single, married or partnered; experienced or not; renters or homeowners; LGBTQ+ singles and couples. As an adoptive parent, you won’t have to pay any fees. Adoption from foster care is completely free in Massachusetts.

The process to adopt a child from foster care includes training, interviews and home visits to determine if adoption is right for you. These steps will help match you with a child or sibling group that will be a good fit.

To learn more about adoption from foster care, call the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at (617) 964-6273 or visit Start the process today and give a waiting child a permanent place to call home.

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