As of this writing, we're just about 32 hours away from kickoff of Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona. I won't be going, and chances are, neither are you. But let's just suppose you looked in your couch cushions, found about $20,000 in loose change, and decided to put it to good use and try to get yourself to the Big Game in time to see the Patriots pummel the Seahawks.

So Greg Derosiers and I decided to look up the most affordable way for someone to get from the SouthCoast to the Southwest and see the Super Bowl in person.

According to, you can purchase a round-trip ticket from Boston to Phoenix for the bargain rate of $1,047--provided you don't mind a 24-hour layover in Chicago. You'll depart Logan this afternoon and won't actually arrive in Phoenix until 11 a.m. on game day, leaving you only about four hours to get to University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Need a hotel room? I'm guessing you do. Kayak can get you a room in Phoenix for as low as $72 per night (provided you don't mind staying at a one-star motel). It's about 20 minutes from Phoenix to Glendale, and I'm guessing there will be a ton of shuttles going back and forth, but if you want the comfort of your own rental car, Enterprise can get you an economy rental for $19 per day.

Not counting the layover at O'Hare--wouldn't you sleep on an airport bench, if it saved you a few bucks?--the grand total to get from here to there comes in at roughly $1140. Not bad, right?

But you still need to get into the game. has tickets available, to the tune of $9,205. Throw in another $95 if you need a parking pass for that rental car.

That brings your Super Bowl experience up to a grand total of $10,440, or thereabouts, not taking into account taxes (and Arizona sales tax can range from 5.6 percent to 10.7 percent, depending on the city/town). Plus you might want to have some beers, buy some souvenirs and, you know, eat.

Would you spend $10,000 or more to head to Arizona and see the Patriots go for their fourth Lombardi trophy?

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