On Saturday, October 14th, Gone Country Creamery in Wareham will host “Ice Cream Caturday” to raise funds for a local animal rescue.

If you have a sociable cat, bring them along, but this is more about raising necessary funds for a New Bedford-based rescue that works hard to make a difference for local cats.

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Hearts 4 Paws Animal Rescue

Hearts 4 Paws Inc. is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization that was formed in 2015 and is based in New Bedford, servicing the southeastern region of Massachusetts.

Its mission is to help pets and pet owners of the South Shore community, with a primary focus on rescuing cats and kittens.

The organization also helps other animals such as birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and dogs.

“Hearts 4 Paws works with local community members who have become overwhelmed with the number of animals in their care,” said the nonprofit. “We help provide veterinary services and find forever homes for these beloved pets.”

The nonprofit is a volunteer-run organization that depends entirely on donations to feed and provide veterinary care for the animals.

The bills can add up quickly, but with the help of the community, Hearts 4 Paws has been able to provide critical pet assistance to local families for the past eight years.

Ice Cream Caturday in Wareham

From 3 p.m. onward, Gone Country Ice Cream in Wareham will donate a portion of sales to Hearts 4 Paws on Saturday, October 14th.

Enjoy some ice cream and give back to the kitties. It’s a win-win.

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