I've had a COVID-19 antibodies test at my home for the past couple of weeks. I haven't used it because I've been waiting for the right time to try it out. Also, I'm not going to lie, I was just a little nervous to take it because it involved a finger prick.

Everyone wants to know where I was able to get one of the most sought-after medical tests in the world right now. Believe it or not, it has absolutely nothing to do with my radio job. One of my relatives had access to some extra tests and sent two of them to my family.

Last night, after dinner, I decided I was ready to take the test. Inside the testing pack was an alcohol pad, which I used to wipe down the tip of my left ring finger. The next step was to use a little one-time-use needle to prick the end of my finger. It was tough to pull the trigger on the needle, but truly it was no big deal and it was over before it even started. There wasn't even a sting after the prick was over.

I had to use a long, skinny drinking straw-type item to transfer my blood droplet to the testing device. Then, two drops of the enclosed solution needs to be applied to the testing kit. At this point, the test will remind you of a pregnancy test. It takes several minutes for the color to rise to the letter "C." When it does, it demonstrates that the test is valid.

When the bar appears next to the letter C, if there are also bars next to the lgG or the lgM letters, that means that you've tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies. That would mean that whether or not you've experienced symptoms, the test indicates that you have already had COVID-19. I was a little disappointed that I hadn't already had it. It would have been nice to have built up some immunity to the COVID-19 disease, but that apparently isn't the case for me.

Looking on the bright side, I know that I won't be giving COVID-19 to Gazelle and Christine. Not today, at least.

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