My entire soul can’t handle what’s coming with Avengers: Endgame.

So here’s the deal: we all know how Avengers: Infinity War ended by now. We’ve seen the detestation and destruction. We’ve seen Tony Stark almost die.

My emotions were all over the place during that movie. Now, they keep hitting me with Endgame and showing me more and more. All I know from all the previews and all the posters is that i don’t know if I’ll emotionally be able to handle it.

The movie is slated to be three whole hours of pure madness. I’m not prepared. I’ll need an intermission. I won’t need it for a bathroom break, but for an emotional reset.

I mean, I can’t even handle that they finally confirmed that Black Panther’s sister Shuri has been killed, too.

It’s the movie I need to see but quite possibly shouldn’t. I’ll end up sitting alone in a dark room contemplating life afterwards.

Am I the only one feeling this, or am I just too emotionally invested?

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