It Begins! Another hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin! Even though we are so far up the coastline here in New England, we always have our eye on whats going on in the Caribbean.

A prime example of this was Hurricane Sandy! Which took a hard left at New Jersey, and caused some major damage. If it didn't do that, it would have hit us. The season's first storm has formed and is being called "Chantel".

According to, The Atlantic Basin has been very quiet of a tropical depressions and systems since mid-June, until Sunday evening that is.

Tropical Storm Chantal has developed in the Atlantic Ocean and is currently 550 miles east-southeast of Barbados. As Chantal moves into the eastern and central part of the Caribbean, there is a chance that warm waters will allow the system to reach Category 1 hurricane status, all this with winds and a jet stream that could favor a run up the coast.

We'll keep our eye on it for you, Chantel.

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