As hurricane season heats up, homeowners need to be prepared. But what exactly does that mean? Here's some ways to get your house ready for any impending storms.

With experts predicting a busier than average hurricane season, here are a few simple tips to be prepared:

  • before storm season gears up, trim trees and shrubs around your yard so they don't fall onto your home/garage/car during the hurricane.
  • Secure your home together with rafters in case of high winds, it can help prevent your roof from actually lifting up and off of your home.
  • Find a local shelter closest to you in case you have to stay there for a little while.
  • Protect your windows! Use storm shutters if possible or, in a pinch, cover your windows from the outside with sheets of plywood, polycarbonate, or metal. Tape is not advised.
  • Have a generator. You never know when the storm may knock out power and you'll want to keep the electricity going, prevent food from spoiling, and keep devices powered up.
  • Turn off your gas supply. Damage to gas lines can be dangerous, turning them off completely is your best bet.
  • Stay on the lowest floor possible in your home. If you have a basement, stay down there during the storm...otherwise always remain on the ground level.

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