Being the laid-back bride that let's their bridesmaids choose their own dress sounds good, but there are a few rules to follow when pulling this look off.

So you've decided to let your bridesmaids pick their own dress. You're thinking as long as they all wear the same color, it'll look great...but maybe not.

Chances are your bridal party has very different tastes and if there isn't a little uniformity to the dresses, things may not come together quite as you'd hoped.

So here are a few tips to pulling off the same color/different dress bridesmaid trend.

Choose a couple of styles for the bridesmaids to choose from

Letting the ladies choose from two or three dresses increases the chances that the same style will be picked by more than one person and lead to a more cohesive look.


Try offering styles that have the same skirt, but come in a halter, strapless or one strap version. Everyone gets to pick the neckline that works best for them, while still appearing to wearing the same dress.

Don't offer long and short skirt lengths

Having half the bridal party in long skirts and the other in short skirts can look kind of messy in photos.

As the bride you should have an idea if you want your bridesmaids in long dresses or short and then give your girls one length to choose from.

Try different shades of your chosen color

If doing different dresses doesn't work for you, you can still give your bridesmaids a choice with color.

If green is going to be your decorating color, choose a few shades of the green you like for bridesmaids to pick their dress from. That way even though you've chosen the dress, they can have some control over their fashion on the big day.


In the end remember it is your day and you should have a bridal party that's on board with your decisions. Don't feel you have to let someone wear something you don't care for just to make them happy. You're wedding day should be about making you happy.

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