Allow me to be the first to wish everybody out there a very happy National String Cheese Day!

After completion of today's morning show, I asked myself what I could possibly do as entertainment for the next half hour or so. While searching for something, anything, I found an article stating that today is National String Cheese Day.

I was instantly intrigued.

There was a mission to be completed, so I grabbed the keys to the Fun 107 van and headed straight to the local Stop & Shop. After aimlessly walking around the store for five minutes, I finally found the dairy section. I grabbed the first bag of string cheese I could find (it was Spongebob Squarepants-themed) and headed off to celebrate the holiday.

While contemplating whether to advertise the right way to eat string cheese or the wrong way, I realized that I can easily show you both.

As soon as my intern Sam and I got back to the studio, I sat down and started recording the process of how to properly eat a piece of string cheese. We had more string cheese left over so of course I had to demonstrate the wrong way to eat string cheese as well (see video above).

I do have to say, if there's one thing in the world that bothers me oh so terribly, it's the way certain people eat string cheese. String cheese is made to peel, not bite into like a carrot. Please, for the sake of all that's holy, eat string cheese correctly.

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