Medieval jousters, jokers, and magicians unite.

Coming up on Sunday, April 8, you will be able to audition for the King Richard's Faire. The King Richard's Faire is an annual renaissance fair in Carver, where you can experience all kinds of medieval fun and activities. Whether it's a magic show or a joust, King Richard's Faire will have something for you.

A big part of the magic allure of the fair is the villagers and the character they represent. If you ever wanted to audition for these roles, now is your chance. In preparation for your tryouts, you'll be instructed to perform two different songs that are up-tempo and similar to a ballad, and performed a cappella. Neither of the songs has to be renaissance-themed.

If you have any special skills like magic or juggling, it will help your odds of getting the part. King Richard's Faire encourages all who audition to show off these special talents to better your odds.

You'll need to bring your resume and a photo along with you to your audition before being asked to present your talents and best character impressions/renditions. Once hired, free training will be provided.

The auditions will take place on April 8 at AS220, 95 Empire St. in Providence, Rhode Island.

Good luck!

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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