For the many years that I had to deal with on-street parking, I swore that when I finally got my own house with my own driveway I would cherish it. I would take pride in ownership. I would put the same level of care and love into my driveway as I did to my lawn.

That's why I'm so ashamed and disappointed in myself for letting my driveway become something straight out of Ice Age. It happened so fast.

We got the storm on Friday, and I had something going on Friday night. We had received a few inches of snow, followed by a couple of inches of slushy muck. The whole mess became a frozen cocktail of tundra on my driveway.

To make matters even worse, we all drove over the driveway, packing down the slush to have it freeze into tire tracks that have been cemented in to become one with the asphalt.

Now, pulling into my driveway is an adventure. It's like driving over random mounds of cracked glass and stone. It almost feels like you're on an action ride at Disney. Hold on, kids. We're pulling in!

It doesn't look like it, but I've spent over an hour each day over the past three days trying to make progress chipping away at the ice. I head outside with my spade shovel and a snow shovel.  I must admit, there's little that's more satisfying than hitting the sweet spot on an ice pack and having it all come up off the pavement in a big pizza pie.

I guess since I've gone solar at my house, I can use solar to remove the ice from my driveway. It might take until April, but eventually, the sun will melt it away.

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