, the infamous website designed for cheating spouses, is going even more viral now that information gathered from the hacks is being sorted into maps and graphs.

Malfidelco has taken location information collected from the hacks and organized it in a map so you can see how many users there are in your state, county and even town. In addition, the map allows you to see the percent of those users that are male.

While we can't tell you how to ramp up your hacking skills to find specific personal information, we can share with you how many users there are on the Southcoast: just over 13,000. Out of those 13,000, the majority are male.

Here's the breakdown:

New Bedford: 4,995

Fall River: 4,491

North Dartmouth: 847

Fairhaven: 758

Wareham: 632

South Dartmouth: 331

Acushnet: 311

Mattapoisett: 192

Marion: 49

Westport: 19

To see the full version of the map, click here.