With one of the worst and most damaging hurricanes hitting the Gulf of Mexico, Texas and Louisana, we'd expect a rise in gasoline prices.  After all, many of the oil rigs and refineries were forced to shut down because of Harvey.

There were initial reports that gas prices nationwide could rise by more than 20 cents per gallon.  However, businessinsider.com now says that prices have spiked nearly that much and may go up by another 30 cents per gallon.

Here on the Southcoast, some gas stations have already shown us a 30 cent increase. As of Saturday, gasbuddy.com was listing prices at Stop & Shop in New Bedford at $2.44 per gallon.  7-Eleven was at $2.49, and Hi-Lo on Acushnet Ave at $2.55.

In Dartmouth, Cumberland Farms on Russells Mills Road was at $2.71 for regular.  Prices in Fall River, prices at the BP were at $2.45 a gallon, and Speedway on Milliken Blvd. was reporting $2.55 for regular.

Elsewhere on the Southcoast, Cumberland Farms in Taunton was also at $2.71 for a gallon of regular.  In Wareham, the Mobile station on Cranberry Highway was selling regular for $2.69 per gallon.

A week from now, some of these prices could be close to the $3 mark.  The good news is that many refineries will be going back online, and the summer driving season is coming to a close.  That should mean that our gas prices should begin to drop within a few weeks.

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