Sophia Petikas had a big surprise waiting for her after the last day of protein therapy that was treating tumors on her spine.

The staff at a Louisiana hospital formed a flash mob and performed the summer sensation, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” and made 12-year-old Sophia the star.

Daniel Speir, a nurse at Willis-Knighton Cance Center in Shreveport, promised Sophia that he would learn the infamous dance and perform it with her on her last day of treatment.
The video has been viewed more than a half a million times and it’s pretty awesome.

"She was just overwhelmed and really surprised, and it was overwhelming for me and my husband,'' Sophia's mother, Julia Petikas, said. "We're happy that they did it for her and it's making so many other people feel good."

Sophia was diagnosed with scoliosis as a small child then an MRI in 2013 revealed she had a tumor on her spinal cord. After surgery to remove the initial tumor, it was revealed that the little girl had more tumors on her spinal cord, so she began treatment last fall.

On Tuesday, Sophia went to her first day of seventh grade and is getting back to normal.
We hope Sophia has a full recovery and keeps on dancing!

Additional reporting by Victoria Meneses