We have ALL seen our fair share of crazy brides and grooms of weddings gone wrong!

These by far have to be some of the most cringeworthy and uncomfortable situations we've ever seen happen at a wedding thanks to Cosmo!

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  • diego cervo/ThinkStock
    diego cervo/ThinkStock

    The Uninvited

    How could an ex-fiancée show up to the reception uninvited? Really? He was grabbing the wedding cake, and throwing it at the newlyweds?  C'mon, does this really happen? I'm surprised he didn't get knocked out by the groom.

  • Instagram: @badgalriri
    Instagram: @badgalriri

    The Year of the Bride

    This bride had a meltdown because her friend was planning to get married in the same year, even though the bride's wedding was in October and her friend's was in June. That's a little cra cra.

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    The groom's mom called to change the date of the wedding, but when the wedding planner called to confirm it with the couple, they said they knew nothing about it and to just ignore the mother. That's not going to be the best daughter/mother in-law relationship, that's for sure.

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    Runaway Bride

    This wedding planner got a call from one bride a few days before her wedding. Now this is considered normal, you know, checking to see if the flowers came in, whatever! Nope. The bride called to say she was in love with the planner! Yes, it really happened. You can't make this stuff up!

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    Fashionably Late?

    What part of this is good? NONE OF IT! First, the groom was 30 minutes late for the ceremony which can sometimes happen I guess, I think?  Well, maybe not. Second, the bride was also LATE. After the ceremony, the couple got drunk in the limo and ended up falling asleep. They were so late to the reception that half the guests LEFT before they even arrived.  Keeping it classy for sure.

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    Gotta save all of the money you can

    This one bride raved about how much she enjoyed the food only to then write the caterer a bad review on Yelp. The bride said she would only remove the review if the caterer gave her a discount. Seriously?! Any way to save a few bucks I guess.

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    The runaway groom

    It's good to be on time to events, which we learned in a previous disaster. This groom showed up three hours late to the ceremony and if the bride wasn't already agitated, her being 6 months pregnant did not help matters, she was a raving &$*@%!!!

  • Fuse

    I guess you could call this an all natural look...

    A bride who was about to walk down the aisle ask what the wedding planner thought about her custom gown. She quickly realize that is was completely sheer! You could see right through it, yikes!


  • Jeffrey Hamilton
    Jeffrey Hamilton

    What a waste of perfectly good sause

    You know the rule that you're not supposed to wear white to someone else's wedding. Well, this bride definitely got that memo. She saw a woman wearing white so what does she do? She pours a gravy boat of A1 sauce all over a guest. Keeping it classy I guess.

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    Take 2

    A bride interrupted her own ceremony because she wasn't happy with her future husband's vows. She then asked him to leave and come up with better ones, but changed her mind. She ended up walking back up the aisle herself and returning with new vows for her husband. I guess some surprises don't go over so well?

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