This season, Fun 107 teamed up with the United Way of Greater New Bedford to help bring a bit of light to Southcoast families who've had a trying year. 

The family nominated by the Women's Center recently escaped from a very serious situation that included domestic violence and abuse. The family of 7 is trying to rebuild their lives and are starting from the ground up. With kids ranging in ages from 7 years old to 16 years old, the mother would love to get winter coats and holiday gifts for her children.

Any one with kids knows that Christmas can get pricey, let alone trying to provide basic needs and winter clothing for 6 children.  Big Value Outlet owners Dave and Jan hope that a gift card to the store will help this family kick start their new life away from violence.

If you'd like to help the family with any additional needs, there is complete list of the kids' ages, sizes, and what they enjoy here.

Drop-offs are being accepted at the Fun107 Studios at 22 Sconticut Neck Road, Fairhaven, MA. Checks can be made out to the United Way of Greater New Bedford with "Family of 7" in the memo.