Whether you are new to kayaking or are visiting from out of town and don't have your boats with you, these companies are ready to loan you a boat and take you on a tour of one of Southeastern Massachusett's most scenic waterways.

Kayaking can be one of the most enjoyable, laid back activities you can do, and because you are on the water and using both hands at all times, its almost impossible to also be on your phone. Plus, kayaking is an adventure that puts you right in the middle of nature.

If you've always wanted to try kayaking, being part of a guided tour is a great introductory way to to get in a boat and have fun with a group of people. While there aren't kayak shops on every corner, we are lucky enough to have three companies that can get you and your friends out on the water seven days a week.

The Norton Kayak CompanyLocated right in Norton, the Norton Kayak Company can take you on a three-hour guided tour on the 530-acre Norton Reservoir. You'll cruise along as you learn about the history of the reservoir, the conservation efforts, and the animals that call it home. If you've got the energy, do what Kim did and hit the water before a night out.

The Nemasket Kayak CompanyNemansket Kayak Company can take you on a three-hour tour down the historic Taunton River or through the Nemasket River in Lakeville.

If you're a bird lover, the Nemasket River Tour will take you from Lakeville through Middleboro and offer you plenty of bird watching. This route is known for its blue heron, osprey, and hawks. Learn more about this tour here.

If you're into rare wildlife, the Taunton River offers 27 different habitat types and gives you an up-close look at owls, herring, otters and more. Starting in Bridgewater and flowing all the way down to Fall River, the Taunton River is one of the flattest in New England. Learn more about this tour here.

Osprey Sea and SurfYou can take a few styles of tours with this company, including a three-hour tour down the Westport River or a three-hour tour down Dartmouth's Slocum River. But the tours don't stop there; you can also register for a sunset tour or a moonlight tour for a totally different kayaking experience. Learn more about these tours here.


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