You're traveling through Westport, you come across a bunch of white signs with nothing on them but red hearts on the front lawns of residences and businesses, and you're curious as to what they actually are.

All across the town, people are posting signs on their front lawns that show a solid red heart on it with no words. But perhaps no words are necessary, because these hearts represent love in all its forms.

The platform is called "Westport Has Heart" and for anyone who would like to thank a first responder or a health care worker; this sign is for you. Perhaps you know someone who is feeling a little down these days and could use a lending hand; this sign is just that. Even if you're just sick and tired of politics, then this sign just might be the perfect yard fixture to represent the love for someone you care about or perhaps a little self-love for your own lawn.

This fundraiser is sponsored by the Westport Grange to help out the local Westport Food Pantry, as well as other Grange programs. Each sign costs $5 and there's no limit on how much love you can spread.

These signs can be purchased at the Westport Grange at 931 Main Rd between Tuesday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to noon and will be available for purchase until December 23. You can pay in cash or make a check out to the Westport Grange 181 for your order.

Live in Westport and want to spread the love? Now is your chance to make a difference in the community by posting these physical symbols of compassion across the town.

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