Ever thought about bringing your dog with you while you go out with friends? Unfortunately, not all establishments allow our furry friends access inside.

Quite frankly, as understanding and sensitive I am toward those with animal allergies, there should be a separate section, even if it's outside of the establishment. To my knowledge, there are indeed a few local spots that allow dogs inside or perhaps outside their restaurants such as the Cask n' Pig in Dartmouth (on specific days only and seasonally) or Dublin Rose in Seekonk (again, only seasonal/specific days only).

I guess what I'm trying to get off my chest is that certain people have an issue with dogs being in a bar that doesn't serve food, just spirits, wine and beer. Unfortunately, the board of health defines those liquids as "food" and have the right to ban dogs from any bar they wish. Quite dumb if you ask me. *insert eyeroll*

Ok, I've vented enough, now for the important task at hand: the bars that DO allow dogs.

Earlier this week, Mass Brew Bros officially updated its list of pet-friendly bars and taprooms. This list includes places where pets can be either allowed on the taproom’s patio deck only or allowed to be within the restaurant. The Mass Brew Bros list includes many areas within the state.

Here is a list of taprooms located in the local, Rhode Island and the Cape area that will actually allow you to bring your furry friend along with you for your night out:

  • 6A Brewing in Sagamore allows pets inside and outside the bar
  • Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery in Hyannis allows pet within the patio area only
  • Buzzards Bay Brewing in Buzzards Bay allows for service animals only
  • Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis allows Pets within the retail section only
  • Devil’s Purse Brewing in Dennis allows pets inside and out the bar
  • Hog Island Beer allows pets in patio/garden area only
  • Naukabout Beer allows service animals only
  • Canned Heat in Fall River
  • The Guild in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Broadway
  • Ogie's Trailer Park in Providence on Westminster
  • Troy City Brewing in Fall River on Anawan Street
  • O'Brien's Pub in Newport, Rhode Island on Thames Street
  • Blu on the Water in East Greenwich, Rhode Island on Water Street
  • The Bitter End Lounge on Huttleston Ave in Fairhaven

Let me make myself perfectly clear before I start getting the hate mail that this is for regular pets only who do not identify as service or emotional support dogs. Obviously, there are different standards, regulations or special services for these pets.

For more information, visit to find other pet-friendly locations within your area.

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