We’re getting a lot of calls, messages on Facebook, app chat, and texts regarding this issue. These certificates were supposed to be valid until September of 2020 and we don’t want anyone getting upset now that they can no longer redeem them. So, we wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

If you bought a Seize the Deal for Cleary's Pub back in September, please refer to these directions from our team:

Please contact Seize the Deal via email at Support@seizethedeal.com or call them at (866) 210 - 0881. Explain that you bought a Seize the Deal for Cleary’s Pub and would like to exchange it for Seize the Deal Bucks. This means that you will have a credit for the amount you paid toward a new Seize the Deal offer in the future.

Cleary's Pub, located at 111 Huttleston Ave in Fairhaven, has unexpectedly closed. A sign was placed on the front door on Monday morning. The sign read, "Closed. Thank you for your support!"

The website, Instagram, and Facebook accounts have all been deactivated. No word yet on if this is a permanent closing, or just for the time being.

The establishment originally opened back in 1918 but reopened in January of 2018 by Drew Tillett, former owner of the Ice Chest Bar and Grille.

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