The winter has been mild for the most part here on the SouthCoast, but for some strange reason, the potholes have been epic. Here's what to do if you hit a pothole on a local road.  

For some inexplicable reason, the potholes have been pretty severe lately...even though the winter was not. If you hit a pothole and get damage to your car...what are your options? Many people wonder what can be done.

We did some legwork for you, and called each of the following cities and towns to get their advice.

NEW BEDFORD: In New Bedford you can call New Bedford City Hall. The number is (508) 979-1550. You should report the location of the pothole to the highway department so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. The next step would be to file a claim with the City Clerk's office.

FALL RIVER: File a claim with the City Clerk's office on the second floor, room 227 of One Government Center.

FAIRHAVEN: You can report a pothole to the Highway Department or Public Works. The number is (508) 979-4030. You can make a report to the town by writing a letter with all the information of the incident. That's including your name, the date, and the location. You would also need to send your estimates and bills to make the claim final.

DARTMOUTH OR WESTPORT:  Both say it's really contingent upon which road has the pothole. Is it a town road or state highway?


Additional Reporting by Darlene Duarte

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