What I'm about to tell you might rock your socks to the point of no return.

While surfing the wonderful world of social media, I just so happened to come across the deal of the century – that is, of course, if you're a fan of burgers, which is a majority of the population, to say the least.

Are you sitting down? OK, check this out.

Today and today only, the famous burger joint Wahlburgers, owned by the Funky Wahlberg brothers themselves, will be celebrating the eighth anniversary of its Hingham location.

Not quite the big news you were hoping for? Well, just wait, theres more.

In order to properly celebrate, they will be giving customers their famous "Our Burger" for a whopping EIGHT CENTS. Yes, you read that right, a burger for less than a dime.

This menu item is Paul Wahlberg's choice; the 1/3 lb burger which comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, "government cheese," pickles, and Paul's house-made signature "Wahl sauce."

Now, I know what you're thinking: "What's the catch, Gazelle?" Well, the deal will only be offered to customers through the Wahlclub on the new Wahlburger's app.

Yes, I understand that you can't just go into the restaurant and order up a burger for a nickel and a few pennies, but the deal is really not that hard to obtain.

Customers just need to join the club and then each member will be limited to one eight-cent burger each. This offer is valid for in-restaurant purchases at the Hingham location only.

What are you waiting for? Your burger awaits! Go forth, and chow down accordingly before time runs out.

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