Today is the day that Avengers: Infinity War was scheduled to drop on Netflix. It's the perfect day to do so, with the most epic of superhero films ready to fill up all those new big screen 4K televisions Santa brought, and streaming over all those new game systems and mobile devices.

The only problem is? The movie isn't showing up on Netflix.

Users around the world are inundating Netflix's social media accounts, wondering why the movie they had been waiting to watch isn't available on the platform.

But here's the thing: it's there, you just have to search for it.

For some reason, it doesn't show up as the latest release, or even show up in the "Recently Added," "Trending" or "Popular on Netflix" menus.

The only way you can find the movie is by searching for "Infinity" or "Avengers" under the search function. And take note, you do have to enter almost the entire word before it will start showing up on your screen.

Why the secrecy? Why bury the most sought-after film of the day (and probably of the year) in the search menu? Nobody knows. Netflix isn't saying. It could be a glitch. It could be Thanos.

Either way, Merry Christmas and enjoy the movie!

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