Today, I joined the morning show from the comfort of my office due to the snow that continues to pummel the SouthCoast. My 40-minute commute would have been very unpleasant, so while Gazelle commanded the reigns at the studio, I set up shop at my desk.

At one point this morning, I noticed my fiancé shoveling, but he wasn’t shoveling the driveway. Instead, he was shoveling the deck, and it leads me to ask him the same question every year: “Why on Earth are you wasting your time shoveling the deck?” Thanks to a local contractor who called in, I found out why.

As a kid, I remember my dad shoveling the deck and it always baffled me. We had no intention of using the deck to get to the yard and we didn’t have pets to worry about. As an adult, I watch my fiancé do it with the same confused look I gave my dad.

“It’s so the snow doesn’t ruin the deck,” Ross said to me this morning.

This seemed a bit odd to me. How would snow ruin a strong, well-built deck? I refused to believe that my fiancé was right about this. That’s when SouthCoast contractor Jared chimed in on Michael and Maddie.

“You have to shovel off your deck,” he explained, "Because it will cause wear and tear. I’m a contractor, and there have been many times where certain parts of the deck rot faster than the others (because of the snow accumulation).”

Thank you for the feedback, Jared, but I am definitely not telling my fiancé he was right.

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