As April approaches, we are normally putting the finishing touches onto the launch of our Food for Tots efforts with the Friends of Jack Foundation. However, with the closing of all restaurant dining rooms across Massachusetts, Food for Tots is going to be postponed until normal times resume here on the SouthCoast.

Instead, the Friends of Jack Foundation and Fun 107 are going to pivot to help out an even more pressing need. We want to make sure that the healthcare workers here on the SouthCoast are eating the way they should be. It can be all too easy for our doctors, nurses, CNAs, and all of our healthcare workers, to put the needs of their patients ahead of themselves. So we're teaming up with some of our cherished Food for Tots participating restaurants to help feed these people who are spending their days and nights on the COVID-19 front line.

Friends of Jack founder Jill Fearons joined the Rock and Fox Show this morning.

"Some of these healthcare workers are going 12, 13, 14 hours straight without breaks," she said. "We want to make sure they are stopping and getting the nutrition they need so that they can be at their best."

Under normal circumstances, these Food for Tots restaurants would be happy to donate the food to these healthcare workers. So many of these restaurant owners have placed their life's savings into these businesses. While some of them still may donate, we simply can't ask them to give even more while they themselves are scrambling to have their businesses survive this public health crisis.

Instead, we are turning to our audience. If you have been lucky enough to hold onto your job throughout all of this, we ask you to consider making a small donation to the Friends of Jack Foundation. We are only looking to cover the costs of these meals that will be delivered locally to our healthcare workers on the SouthCoast.

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