I've been going back and forth for months on whether or not to invest in an Apple Watch. Can you help a girl out?

For the last two years, I've had an ongoing debate happening in my brain about whether or not I should invest in an Apple Watch (or FitBit or some other product that does the thing those do.) I think I've finally settled on wanting an Apple Watch and have read TONS of blogs, reviews, comments from people who have them and love them, have them and hate them, have them and never use them...So I still find myself undecided about buying one since the price tag is pretty hefty, even if you find one refurbished or slightly used.

The things I would use an Apple Watch for would be workout tracking (I hear it's more accruate for fitness stuff like lifting as opposed to just tracking steps), tracking my sleep, water intake, and movement. Since I do sit for most of the day, having the reminder to stand and move would be helpful. I've also read that the ability to take a picture right from the Watch is pretty cool, so is being able to skip songs via the Watch without taking your phone out. Cause I hate having to dig my phone out of my sports bra at the gym 800 times. It's just not a good look.

I'm curious - whether you have the Apple Watch and love it, or don't use it any more because you hated it, I'd love any feedback! Are they heavy on your wrist? Does it drive you nuts to sleep in? Do you have to take it off to shower? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS!



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