When it comes to good looking birds, Toucan Sam and Big Bird have NOTHING on Leonard the Seagull.

While vacationing up in Portland, Maine this past weekend, I visited Willard Beach with my girlfriend and her parents. It was somewhat of a cloudy day, but it was nice to just lay dawn on a towel and relax as the waves rolled in.

Within 10 minutes of us settling down, a seagull landed in the sand about six feet from our spot. Now, before you begin to judge, yes, I realize that there are millions of seagulls that live at the beach. However, this particular seagull was much different than any I've ever encountered--and I've seen a lot of them.

Instead of being skittish, he was very poised and comfortable in his surroundings. He waddled with pep with his head held high and his feathers unruffled. I'm telling you, this seagull reeked of confidence.

I then decided to take out my camera and begin taking photos of him. Oddly enough, he seemed to almost pose with aknowledgment to what I was doing as if to say, "Make sure you get my good side."

Don't worry, Leonard, I captured your true inner beauty, no matter how bad you probably smell (don't ask where the name came from, it just seemed appropriate at the time, so there's no going back).

If you ever get the chance to visit Portland, keep an eye out for this fluffy stud, he's kind of pro at strutting his stuff. You'll see why below:


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