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Lizzie Borden is all the rage right now in the paranormal world.

First off, we just observed the 125th anniversary of the Borden murders back on August 4, so I'm sure that's helped stir the pot a little bit for ghostly activity over at 92 Second Street in Fall River.

Then came the news that Maplecroft, the dream home Lizzie Borden purchased after she was acquitted of the murders, was on the market for anyone with $850,000 to spare.

Then, back on September 15, the second season of Kindred Spirits premiered on TLC, with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigating the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast--but not for the Borden ghosts, but rather, to find out why tour guide Sue was being surrounded by the spirits of her loved ones whenever she was working at the house. It was an amazing episode of television, a mini-horror movie shot as an homage to The Exorcist in its visual design.

Now, this Tuesday night (September 26), another paranormal television series is visiting Fall River, as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers pull into town for the latest episode of their new series Haunted Towns.

Courtesy Destination America

Full disclosure, I work as the researcher for Haunted Towns, which means I combed the country looking for small cities and towns across America where there were multiple haunted locations that may be all connected to some larger picture. So naturally, one of the locations I suggested was Fall River, where I've been researching this darker shadow over Fall River that seems to go beyond just the Bordens, and may have actually been the cause of the murders, no matter if Lizzie swung the axe or not.

In the episode, the TWC will investigate not only the Bed & Breakfast where the murders took place, but they also get to be the first paranormal team to ever investigate another location that was a major part of Lizzie's life, both before and after the murders. The episode even features an appearance by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson (don't worry, the TWC guys didn't do anything illegal and get themselves arrested).

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I've seen the episode already, and I can honestly say, I think this is the first time the layers have been peeled back to get to what's really behind the activity at the Lizzie Borden B&B. I actually had the chance this past weekend to hold an event over at the B&B, and one of the stars of the show, Porter, flew up from Tennessee to come back and investigate the house further with us. We had plenty of weird stuff going on, including someone seeing something Porter sees in the episode--but they had no idea about that, because it hasn't aired yet. And, in a weird twist, it was something I myself had also seen in the house just recently.

Courtesy Destination America

If you like history, if you like the paranormal or even if you just like being creeped out, be sure to tune in to Haunted Towns Tuesday night at 10 pm on Destination America, and also On Demand, on DestinationAmerica.com and on the Destination America Go app.

Courtesy Destination America