It's almost like a real-life Island of Misfit toys and I love it!

Hasbro announced this week that it was starting a recycling program for "well-loved" toys. This program is free and offered through TerraCycle. Hasbro is encouraging people to collect their older and more used Hasbro toys and TerraCycle will turn them into materials to be used in play spaces in the future. The recycled material will be repurposed for park benches, flower pots, and other play structures.

Once you sign up for the program, you can box up old toys, print out a free shipping label and send them to Hasbro. The program will accept any Hasbro toys, including face-to-face games, plastic and electronic toys, action figures, plush, dolls, and more. The program officially launched yesterday, April 16.

Hasbro was ranked #3 in the 2017 Newsweek Green Rankings and continues to implement programs that reduce its carbon footprint.

You can start recycling your toys by clicking here.



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