Jeff and Jen Blum will rest a little easier tonight, after the return of their stolen six-foot rooster in Freetown. Their rooster has been marked safe after being stolen Sunday night.

The couple called Freetown Police yesterday after they discovered that the rooster, which was purchased at Tractor Supply in Fairhaven, was stolen sometime during Game of Thrones on Sunday night.

Freetown Police put the rooster's thieves on blast, posting the crime on their social media.  Less than 45 minutes after we announced the theft on Fun 107, the thieves had second thoughts and dumped the stolen bird back onto the Blum's front lawn.

Jen tells Fun 107 that the condition of the rooster is fine. She says her neighbors have been fans of the rooster. In fact, Blum told us that when she went back to Tractor Supply to buy more baby chicks to accompany the rooster, she discovered that the six-foot roosters were sold out, making his return all the more important to the Freetown family.

In a town where crime is not the norm, the community was a little shaken by the news this morning. "Freetown Police are not going to stand for this," I said on the air. And it turns out that they didn't. The rooster is back in his normal spot, proudly standing in front of the Blum's Freetown home.

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