Invasive gypsy moths have arrived and could soon be damaging trees across the Southcoast.

These leaf-eating moths swarmed the state last year and devastated hundreds of thousands of trees...and after a mild winter, scientists say they could be back in full force once again.

The gypsy moth is not native to North America and is considered an invasive species (especially with the crazy amount of tree damage they do!)

The DEM in Rhode Island says they have no plans to spray against the gypsy moths and it doesn't seem that Massachusetts DEM does either.

The moths have been allowed to thrive over the last few years because of the dry weather conditions that prevent a fungus that kills them from growing.

These caterpillars and moths pose no health threat to the public and experts say they will die of naturally...eventually.

In the meantime, expect to see lots of wholly leaves on the Southcoast this spring and summer!

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