Rob Gronkowski must have big things planned for his retirement, because he has decided to hold a press conference to announce them.

I can't even imagine what Gronk's "next chapter" might be that it needs it's own press event in New York City to share with us all what it is.

Maybe wrestling full time? Becoming to TV star in some way, shape or form?

Clearly something big is in the works since the former Patriots tight end has called an August 27 news conference from NYC to tell us about it.

And there are zero details other than that there's a press conference.

So we all just have about two weeks of speculation until we know the truth.

My mind can come up this a lot of crazy theories in two weeks.

But dear god there better not be an announcement of a return to football with a New York team. Either of them would break Pats fans hearts I'm sure.

Still I think a wrestling career announcement is the most logical.

I mean what else would he be doing that would need so much hype? If he was going to join a network for football commentary the news would break on that network, right?

Let the speculation begin.

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