Massachusetts State Police followed 'concussion protocol' for an owl that flew into one of their cruisers.

Trooper Michael O’Neil Jr. was on patrol Sunday night in the town of Tolland when an owl flew into his cruiser and knocked itself unconscious.

According to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, the trooper stopped and examined the owl. After finding no injuries, he place the unconscious bird on his lap and headed for a local animal hospital.

And on the way the owl woke up!

Trooper O'Neil stopped his patrol car in Granville and had a brief struggle in the vehicle with the owl.

Once it had calmed down, he was able to administer some "concussion protocol" tests on the bird he dubbed 'Gronk.'

After of course filming this interaction (which was super cute), Gronk passed his tests with 'flying' colors and was let out of the patrol car to head home.

Clearly, a minor crash with a state police cruiser did nothing to slow owl Gronk down...just like a helmet to helmet collision with safety Barry Church doesn't seem to be slowing the real Gronk down.

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Luckily for Trooper O'Neal, he won't be fined the $24,309 that Church was for owl Gronk's hit.

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