I've never been to a country concert in my life, but I was asked to go to the show last night at Gillette Stadium.  I'm so glad I accepted, because I got a chance to witness what was a very fun Gillette moment when Rob Gronkowski surprised the crowd of New Englanders with a cameo appearance.

It was a pretty nice night in Foxboro, so I was just enjoying a bunch of country songs that I didn't know, when Luke Bryan spotted a #87 Gronkowski game jersey in the crowd.  He talked the guy into throwing the jersey up on stage.  Luke Bryan tried it on, finished his song, and then declared, "Ya know what?  I want to do a shot with somebody."

The crowd roared as Gronk appeared from backstage with 2 plastic shot glasses.  They did their shot, and Gronk spiked the plastic glass onto the stage as the Gillette crowd chanted,  "One more year!" to the all-pro tight end.

Luke Bryan then got a football and passed it across the stage to Gronk saying casually, "I just completed a pass to Gronk!"

Gronk autographed the back of the Patriots game jersey and gave it back to the thrilled fan in the front row.  Retirement seems to be suiting Gronk well.


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